In the times of Soviet Union at the basis of military plant “Pozitron” a group of enthusiasts was making souvenirs on request for high-ranking guests, different layouts of the factories, models of the ships, medals, badges and other souvenirs. Later this people created cooperative “Crystal” which exists nowadays. Several times it became a winner of Ukrainian tender related to making medals and badges for Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine. Our production is sent to the international competitions in Russia and countries of European Union (Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland and others). Our medals are used to reward the winners of the competitions held by world famous sportsmen and businessmen of Ukraine.
We are working using the proven methods. The first step is to make matrix. The best engraver artists of our region or even of the whole Ukraine are involved in this activity. There are two ways of matrix making. One is more expensive and laborious, but it gives a product of the perfect quality. Firstly master punch is made in a crude (not hardened) metal. It’s a positive of the future product. After that it is hardened in special conditions used to prevent the damage of the relief. And then the matrix (negative form) is made using the stamping method on the crude metal. After that the metal is hardened one more time. And only after the whole procedure we mint on the press medals, badges and other products. The second way is easier. No need to make the master punch and to harden twice. The positive of the product is created. Negative matrix is made with its help using special equipment and metal hardened before. This method is the best option for price/quality. Also it takes less time, that’s why it is more popular.


If you are interested in our production call us or send us your sketches in any graphic format. If you have vector sources then you can send them as we are working with vector too. The prices on the web-site are approximate. That’s why every request is reviewed and the final price is discussed. Also we have a store with prices on products.
However please consider, that we are the manufacturers not working for the warehouse. We need some time to renew the line of the products.